• I am currently a second-year Ph.D. student at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, working with Prof.Zhangyang (Atlas) Wang.
  • My research interests cover Computer Vision and Deep Learning.
  • Prior to now, I obtained my master and bachelor degree majoring in computer science and technology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in China.
  • Click Here to view my up-to-state CV. If you are interested in knowing more about me, please feel free to contact me.

Recent news

  • July, 2023. My paper “GNT-MOVE: Generalizable NeRF Transformer with Mixture-of-View-Experts” is accepted by ICCV2023.
  • May, 2022. Start my internship at Snap Inc.
  • Aug, 2022. Happy to join VITA group at UT Austin!
  • Mar, 2022. My paper “High-Resolution Image Harmonization via Collaborative Dual Transformations” is accepted by CVPR2022.
  • Apr, 2021. We release the first large-scale rendered image harmonization dataset RHHarmony at GitHub which contains 135k pairs of ground-truth rendered images and composite rendered images.
  • Apr, 2021. We release the source code and trained models of our BargainNet at GitHub. In addition, to facilitate future study of image harmonization, we summarize image harmonization related methods at Awesome-Image-Harmonization and provide the quantitative comparison of different baselines on iHarmony4 dataset at GitHub.